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Understanding Heel Spurs and How Chiropractic Can Help

While “spurs” rings a delightful familiarity to NBA fans, it doesn’t give the same delight to those who suffer from a heel spur. As one of the many foot conditions that need extensive care on Chiropractic in Texas, heel spurs occur as a result of calcium deposit at the heels. This deposit becomes a protrusion … Continue reading

Weightlifting: 9 Pointers to Ensure Your Safety

Weightlifting is a great way to build muscles and become fit. It also exposes the person to injury, especially with wrong body form and misconceptions. Here are weightlifting safety tips to consider: Consult a healthcare professional first It is important that you are physically ready for weightlifting. While weightlifting is mostly for everybody, you first … Continue reading

The Thing About a Migraine and Living with It

When you suffer from a recurring headache, it might be a migraine. A migraine is a painful, throbbing sensation typically on one side of the head accompanied by other symptoms. The pain may last for hours, even days, and can really affect a person’s daily life. Stages and Symptoms A migraine has four stages though … Continue reading

5 Tips To Ensure Safety And Good Health When Running

Running offers a lot of benefits, no matter the age. Some of these benefits include the following: provides relief from stress helps keep your weight under control strengthens the lungs helps increase bone density strengthens the lower body helps improve mental health But you can only get these benefits if you are committed to ensuring … Continue reading