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What Can You Do to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition that is caused by pressure being placed on the median nerve. This is a nerve that runs down on your arm and goes through the wrist, through a passage named the carpal tunnel. The median nerve is very important as it controls your ability to feel and move … Continue reading

The Advantages of Spinal Decompression

Ever heard of a spinal decompression? Well, it’s a process that relieves pressure on your spinal discs by gently stretching your spine. This makes it an ideal procedure for those experiencing chronic back pain. Spinal decompression therapy works to offer pain relief for those suffering from degenerated, herniated, or bulging discs, as well as providing … Continue reading

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Your Guide to Having a Healthy Spine

We hope this article will help improve your spine health considerably. By following the guidelines written in this piece, you reduce the risks of experiencing pain and keep your neck and back in excellent condition. Back pain is a condition millions of people go through on a daily basis. The thing about it that concerns … Continue reading

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