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How to Prevent Injuries when Running

While running is considered as a great routine for exercising, it can also cause injuries under certain circumstances. The common injuries associated with running include blisters and related skin injuries, inflammation at the shin, and injuries to the soft tissues. If you’re fond of running as a healthy activity, here are important reminders to prevent … Continue reading

Personal Fitness: 5 Tips To Minimize Your Risks of Injuries

Exercise is an important part of achieving a healthy body and staying physically fit. Exercising regularly can provide you with a lot of benefits not only in the physical aspect but even in the emotional and mental ones. But exercising too much or exercising in an incorrect form can do more harm than good. Injuries … Continue reading

What Can You Do to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition that is caused by pressure being placed on the median nerve. This is a nerve that runs down on your arm and goes through the wrist, through a passage named the carpal tunnel. The median nerve is very important as it controls your ability to feel and move … Continue reading