How To Prevent Injuries When Running


While running is considered as a great routine for exercising, it can also cause injuries under certain circumstances. The common injuries associated with running include blisters and related skin injuries, inflammation at the shin, and injuries to the soft tissues. If you’re fond of running as a healthy activity, here are important reminders to prevent injuries while running:

  • Study Your Location
    Be extra mindful of the place that you’re running on. Note the rough and smooth areas so you can protect yourself from unnecessary tripping. As much as possible, run on the flat and smooth surfaces only so you can move smoothly and safely. Furthermore, it’s also practical to run on well-lighted places so you will properly see what you’re stepping on.
  • Stay Healthy
    In our Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas, we advocate for the overall health of our clients especially when they’re recovering from their injuries. If you want to make running as part of your regular regimen, ensure that your body is physically fit and well-nourished as well as regularly hydrated.
  • Run with a Companion
    It’s also very practical to run with someone so whenever something happens, you can immediately be assisted on. In case injurious accidents occur, you can have help right away. Aside from that, running with a buddy is also going to make the activity more fun and manageable.
  • Wear Running Attire Properly
    What you wear is also going to help you stay away from any incident that can be injurious. If you’re going to run at night time, make sure that you wear something with a reflective feature. Put on footwear that can also help you run comfortably and smoothly. Wear as lightly as possible so you will not stress your muscles from the unnecessary weight.
  • Headphones Out
    It may be helpful to run better while listening to music since you can go along with the beat. However, this may not be ideal when you’re running outdoors as it can keep you distracted from warning notices. You also might not hear vehicular warning horns while you’re on or next to a road with cars passing by.
  • Check with Your Doctor
    Running can also be a strenuous activity so as professionals providing Chiropractic in Texas, we also advise that you get your doctor’s permission before doing it. There can also be running activities that are less physically demanding. However, to ensure your safety and overall wellness, it’s ideal to consult your doctor’s words first.

Are you fond of running or even jogging? This activity can truly bring about good results in your overall health. However, you also have to exert extra precaution so you can prevent injuries. For injuries that come as a result of running, you can also come to our clinic for medical interventions such as Spinal Decompression Therapy. Our team is ready to assist you.

What do you think of these tips? If you’ve thought of a loved one upon reading this, go ahead and share this information with them. For further inquiries about our services, contact us at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic.