Medical Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

What is it?

The term, “medical weight loss” is one that can be met with fascination as it is something you may not hear or encounter often. However, if you are someone who is seeking a more effective method of weight loss after trying out fad weight loss programs without much results, then medical weight loss may just be exactly what you need to learn more about today. Read on for more information on this service that we offer here at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic.

Medical weight loss is a program composed of various elements aimed at managing your weight with the help of methods that have scientific evidence of effectiveness. More than achieving weight loss goals, medical weight loss also focuses on helping you maintain a healthier lifestyle and cut back on harmful habits – overall improving your well-being.

The elements of medical weight loss can include exercise, dieting, nutrition education, providing choices for meal replacement, and weight loss medications.

Who is involved?

Your team may involve a physician, a dietitian, a nutritionist, a fitness trainer, a nurse, and other professionals to assist and guide you through the process of losing weight.

What are its benefits?

This type of weight loss program can benefit you in many ways a self-managed diet and exercise routine usually cannot.

Support and supervision – With medical weight loss programs, your team is right behind you. They will be there to ensure you are making progress in a healthy manner, and to provide support as this process can be challenging. You can truly benefit from individuals who specialize in helping you with your weight loss journey.

Individualized care – In medical weight loss programs, your specific plan is created by your team carefully and always according to your specific lifestyle, needs, and abilities. This way, all activities related to your weight loss and management work fittingly for you.

Sustainable results – Through the supervision, support, and personalization throughout your medical weight loss program, results are much more sustainable as the lifestyle changes you make help you to learn making everyday choices that ultimately lead to having long-lasting success in managing your weight healthily.

Where can you find a good medical weight loss program?

You can find this service right here in our Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas, where we also offer a variety of other health-related services from Spinal Decompression Therapy to allergy testing and many more. Whether you are looking for a team of professionals for a medical weight loss program, or a Chiropractic in Texas, please do not hesitate to give us a call today. We are glad to serve you!