Tech Neck: What It Is and How You Can Combat It

Find yourself often glancing down on your phone like what you are doing now? Chances are, you might already have a tech neck. But what is a tech neck or “text neck” and what are the dangers to it?

Tech neck is basically a forward head position where your head tilts forwards and often downwards. This position stretches, strains, and puts flexion on your neck muscles, shoulders, and back due to supporting the approximately 10-pound weight of your head. When done repeatedly over a period of time, this reverses the natural curvature of your neck (and spine) from a normal concave like alignment to an “abnormal” or straightened position.

Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic helps individuals get educated and treated for this global health concern brought by the regular and often prolonged use of gadgets like computers and cellphones. Through chiropractic methods and physical exercises that target the relaxation of your neck muscles and back, we can help return the natural alignment of your spine. In this way, you will be relieved from common conditions that come along with a tech neck or a forward head position.

These common symptoms that come along with spinal tensions may be relieved through Spinal Decompression Therapy:

  1. Headaches
  2. Neck pain
  3. Shoulder pain
  4. Back pain
  5. Strained eyes

Anywhere you go, you can help yourself from developing a tech neck by practicing proper posture when you use any of your handheld devices. Consider the following tips:

  • Elevate Your Device 
    Whether you are sitting down or walking, try using your phone at a comfortable eye level where you do not need to look down and put so much strain on your neck. You can also use a phone or tablet mount to put your phone on when you are watching a video or creating a long blog entry, email or file.
  • Limit Your Usage 
    One way for you to stay off your phone for extended periods of time is to set a timed usage when you are on your device. This could mean having a 5-minute use for social media browsing and random phone scrolling. By minimizing the use of your device on necessary breaks and leisure purposes, you get to spend more time interacting with people around you.
  • Acknowledge Pain Signals 
    When you start feeling any discomfort in your thumb, arms, shoulders, and neck, that should be your signal that you either need to put your phone down or you need to better position yourself.

You can surely stay away from any spinal tension problem with health awareness. Through good guidance on better posture from our Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas, you can make this lifestyle change possible.

Do you think you might have tech neck? Check with our experts at Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic. Let us help you see if you have tech neck or start performing ways to prevent tech neck.


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