The Thing About a Migraine and Living with It

When you suffer from a recurring headache, it might be a migraine. A migraine is a painful, throbbing sensation typically on one side of the head accompanied by other symptoms. The pain may last for hours, even days, and can really affect a person’s daily life.

Stages and Symptoms

A migraine has four stages though not everyone goes through each stage. Different symptoms may show up in every stage.

  • Prodrome – A day or two before a migraine might happen, you may feel constipated, increased thirst and urination, frequent yawning and mood changes, among others.
  • Aura – Before or during a migraine, you might experience vision loss, speech difficulties, numbness of the face and uncontrolled body movements, among others.
  • Attack – During the attack, you will feel the throbbing or pulsing pain on the side of your head while also suffering from lightheadedness, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Post-drome – After the attack, you may feel drained, confused or weak.

An immediate visit to a Lifestyle Management Clinic in Dallas, Texas can help you check your symptoms, diagnose a migraine, and get the necessary treatment.

People at Risk of a Migraine

Anyone can have a migraine, but there are certain people who are at high risk of developing it such as women, those with family histories of a migraine, and those with anxiety, depression, epilepsy, sleep disorders, and other conditions


There is no specific cause for migraine but, a lot of factors can contribute to its development. Some of these include hormonal changes specifically in women, stress, skipping meals, certain medications, flashing lights, loud noises, tobacco, and caffeine


Before going to a professional specializing in Chiropractic in Texas for your perceived treatment, migraine needs to be diagnosed first. Your doctor will have to check your family history, conduct physical and neurological exams, and take note of your symptoms. The results will help the doctor make the right diagnosis


Unfortunately, migraine does not have a specific cure. Treatment options often focus on symptom relief. These may include taking some medications, losing weight, hormone therapy or lifestyle changes including stress management


It will be best to take note of your symptoms every time they come up. Know when they started, how long they lasted, and what seems to trigger them

Typically, patients will have to avoid those things that trigger their migraines such as stress. But, there are some triggers that are unavoidable. In this case, living a healthy lifestyle will be your best bet

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