Your Guide to Having a Healthy Spine

We hope this article will help improve your spine health considerably. By following the guidelines written in this piece, you reduce the risks of experiencing pain and keep your neck and back in excellent condition.

Back pain is a condition millions of people go through on a daily basis. The thing about it that concerns us even more than the pain, is the way it diminishes our quality of life. With pain in our backs and necks, it’ll be difficult for us to engage in regular, everyday routines and activities. Instead of socializing, we’d much rather lie down and rest. And one of the worst things about it is that it can affect our livelihoods, our jobs, and the way we go about it. Perhaps we should kiss that possibility of a promotion goodbye? Nope. Not just yet, because there is a solution. And no, it’s not just one solution – there are a lot! In fact, you’ll find a few of them enumerated below.

Take care of your spine the right way by keeping in mind these simple and amazing tips.

  1. Lifting the right way.
    According to research, a lot of people actually end up injuring their spine because of the wrong way they lift objects. Lifting an item the correct way means standing close to it and using the power of your lower body, especially your legs, to lift it up.
  2. Staying active.
    Yet another thing that can cause lower back pain, according to study, is the lack of physical activity. You can reduce your chances of experiencing this type of pain – not to mention keeping your spine healthy – when you go to the gym. Take morning and afternoon walks, go walking or biking, or engage in any routine activity that keeps your body active and moving.
  3. Staying hydrated.
    Drinking water helps you stay hydrated and, in turn, helps maintain fluidity and elasticity in your joints. It’s important to keep in mind that lack of hydration renders our spinal disks vulnerable, causing it to lose height as well. This then makes us susceptible to excruciating disk conditions and contributes to the significant decline of our structural health.
  4. Sleeping well.
    Getting proper sleep is a crucial factor in maintaining excellent overall health. Your body needs rest to recuperate and repair itself. And did you know that there’s a proper way to position yourself when sleeping? According to an expert, it’s ideal to sleep on your side rather than on your stomach. The former allows you to get a good night’s rest by reducing sleep apnea symptoms and upper airway collapse while the latter contributes to considerable pressure on your spine.
  5. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    Eating healthy and well-balanced meals and exercising regularly help contribute to optimal spine health. Being obese or overweight is linked to a slew of complications that include lower back pain, muscle stress, and much more. Get in touch with Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic, a renowned lifestyle management clinic in Dallas, Texas, for more information on lifestyle changes that factor in having a healthy spine.

For more complex spinal health issues, you may want to consider undergoing spinal decompression therapy; a service that is also offered by Dallas Lifestyle Management Clinic.